Our studio:

The Rooftopstudio is a printshop & graphic studio that specializes in “custom” requests. We do all types of printing and graphic support for our clients. 

We invite you all year round to meet us and discuss your projects. Our clients are diverse, we work mainly with professionals but also individuals, schools and associations etc…

Founded in 2012 the Rooftopstudio developed in Paris for 7 years before moving to Portugal, to be close to the ocean, to surf and continue to develop our business in a beautiful environment!

Lena takes care of communications and follows-up with clients, she aswell takes the creative and graphic part. Lena will help you to make relevant choices, and support you in your ongoing project. 

Adrien also provides communication, and is head of the technical part: screen printing, research, development aswell as stock management and logistics. He will help you to find the best technical solutions for your projects.


We place a high priority on the quality of the follow-up and remain in constant contact with the client to allow him a maximum of visibility on the realization of his project. We carry out your orders quick and ship in short time.


–  100% of our textile range comes from certified organic materials

–  For environmental reasons we only use water based inks, without solvents

– The work is done by hand, at each step, for a minimal impact

– The studio is equipped with a manual carousel with 4 printing heads and a light box

Screen printing:

Our work is above all a search for quality and aesthetics. Intersecting art, activism and industrial production, this historical technique offers infinite possibilities of printing. Screen printing stands out from other processes by its color rendering, its limitless formats, its finesse and its ability to adapt to all media (paper, textile, wood, plastic, metal, glass, cardboard, food product, etc.). From the first idea to the end product this technique allows us to control the entire production chain and to be independent and innovative.